Questions to ask a team/alliance while scouting.

So my team and I are trying to put together is a paper of questions to ask an alliance/team during scouting does anyone have any good questions that we should ask thank you in advance.

My team doesn’t ask questions generally because we already know what other teams are capable of by watching

I agree. We tend not to ask questions to teams because we tend to get untruthful answers or exaggerated answers. We feel that it is better to simply observe the facts from your own eyes, or ask questions that you know the team can’t lie about.

Some questions that you can ask teams or answer yourself by observation could be:
-Do you have an autonomous and what does it do?
-Can you hang and if so, how high?
-Can you score stars and/or cubes over the fence and how efficiently?

+1. Hard data beats claims any day.

At the beginning of the competition:
How is your robot?
Can you hang?
Can you get the pieces over the fence?

During competition:
Watch 1-2 of every teams’ games and compare it to the claims.
Pick top 10 teams.

Alliance Selection: Pick the overall best robot.

You can ask them questions about their robot…

So out of ten/Between Slow medium and fast…
-How fast is your drive?
-How fast is your lift/dumper/hang?

How far can you throw the stars/cubes and how efficiently can you do it? (aka how consistent are you at scoring?)

Can you hang? If so, how long does it take you to complete a low/high hang?

What does your autonomous do? How many points will it score on average? How efficient/consistent is it? (How many times out of 10, will it work?) Do you have more than one autonomous? If so what do they do?

How efficient is your intake system? How many stars can you pick up at once/ how many elements can you pick up at once?

–> here are some of the most frequent questions I got asked. Some teams won’t answer all of them, but you can try to get them to answer most of them. Also as @NightsRosario said watch the teams and see how they do in a match, see if they live up to their word and all the information they provide you with.

Hope this helps:)

A good idea would be to have one team member get the answer to the question and one look at the other team members reaction to the answer. Sometimes it’s a dead giveaway

if you are unsure about if they are lying or not and you have a little time to scout ask them to demonstrate what they are claiming it can do. If they deny then don’t pick them, but if they accept it, that should be the sign of a truthful team.

We tend to watch one or two of everyones matches, take notes, then go to the teams we liked and talk to them. This helps us have a general idea about their robot befor we even talk to them and we dont have to go around to every team asking the same 3 questions. Another important thing to do is scout your alliance parners first.

To me, there are 2 aspects of scouting.
Qualification rounds:
Scouting your alliance partners, so that you may discuss optimal strategy based on what the robots are capable of. Scouting your opponents, so you may find a strategy to counter what they do.
While doing this, you will be also gaining information about:
Elimination Rounds:
Given what your robot is capable of you will need to identify robots that complement your robot. If you are not going to be an alliance captain, you need to sell your robot to the potential captains, in particular the ones whose robot complements yours. If you are going to be an alliance captain, you want to choose at least one robot for your alliance that complements yours.