Questions with the Vex net Competition Switch

I have been using the Vex competition switch to practice autonomous for an upcoming competition. When I turn on my robot and controller without the competition switch, the “Joystick”, “robot”, and “vex net” lights are green. When the competition switch is connected to the controller, the “robot” light goes red and the game light turns “orange”. I also cannot enable autonomous or control the robot. What mistake am I making and how can I fix it?

The robot light turns red if you don’t have a backup battery plugged in. The game light is orange because the robot is disabled.

This sounds like normal behavior. The robot led flashing red means backup battery not connected when in this mode. The game light flashes orange when the robot is disabled, the game light flashes green in autonomous and is solid green in driver control.

I forget, ROBOTC or EasyC ? Are you using a competition template (robotc) or a competition project (EasyC) ?

RobotC using a competition template. Thanks for the help