what are some questions judjes might ask

I would be interested also. I would like to prepare my kids with mock interviews.

if you go to the search icon and type in judging questions, you should find more threads:)

The Event Director for Oct. 27 has done a great job of listing out the trophies and how judging will be done.

Read over the Appendix E descriptions, posted by VEX, for those awards.

Read my advice posted in the thread linked above.

We’ve got lots of great judges coming. They are excited to talk with the students. Practice with your students by asking them questions. We know the students may be nervous and that’s ok.

Judging is hard work as there are many deserving teams. If your team deserves to win one of the awards, have the students be prepared to tell the judges why. It’s just like a job interview. Why are you the best candidate?

Good luck and I hope the students have a fun and learning day.

The main thing is just to be enthusiastic and know all about your bot. The judge might ask about specific things from your notebook, certain mechanisms in your robot, or what makes your bot special, and even your strategy. Make sure every team member has something to contribute to the interview because you want to show that everyone on your team participated in building the robot.

I suggest reading the VRC Judges’ Handbook. It basically tells the judges what to ask, so you get their questions from the same place they do.

Where can I find the posted VRC Judges’ Handbook?

Here is a direct link to the VEX Sack Attack - Local Judges’ Guide