Which one should I use, a 2 bar lift or a 4 bar lift on my starstruck bot? Also, should I use a x drive or a mecanum drive?

They all have their advantages. It all depends on the design you have. Also, when you create threads, pick the right channel. Also, please don’t make your thread title as vague as it is currently. However, I can say 1 thing…if you use mecanum, good luck. You’ll need it.

This year a 4 bar will most likely be more effective when it comes to a dumper style design. A 2 bar is easier to build and may be better for a first build. I would not ever recommend a mecanum drive as the mecanum wheels are big, bulky, heavy, and slow. If you are choosing in between an x-drive and mecanum drive, I would go for the X-drive.

This response is useless, and discourages the OP. This thread is in an appropriate channel, and the only part of your response that pertains to the original question is not helpful, nor does it give any reasoning.

I always thought that “Technical Discussion” meant threads talking about stuff like scissor lift calculations and the release of a coding software. I didn’t think that it meant talking about a Starstruck bot when there’s a channel for Starstruck-related questions. I’m sorry if my interpretation doesn’t match with yours. I will change that immediately.

Also, you don’t need a reason to tell someone why the current mecanums are bad (You just don’t.).

I would advise any holonomic drive base with a 4 bar. I think they tend to work well. Being able to strafe is also extremely important.
Good Luck!