Quick bearing block question

Hey everyone. While thinking of all the possible designs, I got a question.

Does a bearing block reduce friction with a regular screw instead of an axle on something that will pivot?

I thought bearing blocks only helped by giving axles a circular rotation instead of the square vex metal hole but I’m not too sure. Thanks!

Yes. Without it you still have a round screw moving around in a square hole. The bearing gives it a ‘tighter’ fit, so that it is guided and stays in the right spot. The thick plastic also has a lot less friction than the thin and sometimes in-consistent metal.

For attaching joints together where rotational force doesn’t need to be transferred, I have found that screws work much better than axles, as the tightness can be easily adjusted so there is still low friction, but minimal slack/slop in the joint.

Ok thanks!

The 8-32 screws fit well in the Bearing flats but will have a little more contact surface area than an axle.

The good thing is that the bearing flats are made of delrin which is known for not only its strength/stiffness, but is also a low-friction material.

You’re welcome!