Quick match question

During a Match, the center Goal becomes dislodged by a Robot simply driving into it. What should the Referee do?

Redo the match. I bolded the relevant rule for reference

<G20> Match Replays are allowed, but rare. Match Replays, i.e. playing a match over again from its
start, are at the discretion of the Event Partner and Head Referee, and will only be issued in the most
extreme circumstances listed but not limited to the following:
a. Field Fault issues that have directly affected Match play.
i. Game Elements not in the correct positions
ii. Tape lines lifting
iii. Field Elements detaching or moving beyond normal tolerances that is not a result of team play
iv. Autonomous Period or Driver Controlled Period ending early
v. Field Control disconnecting and disabling Robots. Not to be confused with a Robot that trips its
own PTC and has to reboot to reconnect the robot to controller, or teams with controllers that
have bent pins that affect only their alliance Field Control tower.
b. Game Rule issues that affect the outcome of a match.
i. Referee disables a robot for a misinterpretation of a rule violation.
ii. Referee starts the Driver Controlled Period without determining the outcome of the Autonomous
iii. The field is reset before a score is determined.


thank you for the answer

You can find answers to further questions in the game manual. It’s all in there my guy. :wink:

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This actually happened at practice and we have been to lazy to put it back in properly.

Don’t be lazy then. Problem solved

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Nah. We honestly just didn’t have time. Was working on the robot the whole time.

It only takes like, 5 minutes to attach it. If you can’t practice and test a robot, then you should make it so that you are able to before you have a robot and run into a problem down the road.

Your making it seem like a bigger deal than it is. We just simply were working on the robot and didn’t fix it. When we have our next one we will do it.

Depends - if the robot smashed into the field elements intentionally to damage field, or if it is poorly installed field elements by EP (per enothecool post).

That made me think of a robot with sharpened steel plate hidden behind the wheels so that it slices the foam it drives on.

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You should get that caught in the inspection. Sometimes I run my hands over the bot and tell them that if I start bleeding then they have some sanding to do…


That’s why you hide them between the wheel and chain sprocket

I’ll keep an eye out for that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Of course, I’d also send you home once you start tearing up my mats. This would violate various rules, including 6 of the 8 points in the code of conduct.



If you make it sharp enough, you wouldn’t see the incision until the fields were disassembled. I’m talking angled cut plate or polycarbonate that’s been grinded to a thin fragile knife edge. Just to be clear, I have no intention of doing this.

Could you explain to me why this would be beneficial to the team? Would it make it so you can’t get pushed sideways? If so, that’s not very smart because you’d just get t-boned (see FRC 2008), or the knife would break off.


It isn’t beneficial. Just a proof of concept/inspection test. And trying to figure out how to damage the field as much as possible and still have the damage not be readily apparent

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What should happen is the referee stop the match and fix the issue.

of the damaged goal? they would replay it after it was fixed


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