Quick pneumatic tubing

Hello. My vex club teacher ordered 300ft of 5/32 OD pneumatic tubing from fastenal for our competition Saturday. However, we were either sent the wrong tubing, or we ordered the wrong tubing as it doesn’t fit. It is way too small in diameter.

Do you know where we can get atleast 20ft of pneumatic tubing in two days or less that isn’t outrageously priced? We are an Indiana team in greenfield Indiana if that is relevant. Please let us know. We are freaking out

I know there is a store in Chicago that sell the tubing but That is a far drive, but I can get you the adress. That won’t help because it’s a 4 hour drive.

Try Grainger That’s who we got our pneumatics from. if you order it today, you usually can pick it up from one of their stores the next day.
Hope it helps.

I can’t personally vouch for this but back in November, VHS Crusaders had provided a link to this, at Grainger (The link above is just a generic link to Grainger):


The original Vex forum link is here:

we have been using this tubing for this season and it has not yet failed us. It looks the same as what VEX sells but is red. Thanks FullMetalMentor for finding it, as I could not find the right one.

Very cheap, with free 2 day shipping from amazon prime. You can even pay more for next day.

Anyone tried this stuff? That is a really good price, I worry its garbage.