Quick question about White Screens

Hello, In a recent match Q43 at Tennesee state completion, 32511A shut down completely. it didn’t respond to anything including the brainpower button, controller power button, unplugging, and replugging the brain. it met every requirement for a white screen but didn’t turn white. after unplugging from the controller tower, we ran it and worked fine on the practice fields. The ref ruled it wasn’t a white screen so what could it have been. If anyone had any ideas to fix the issue for our upcoming match.

-Sincerely, 32511A


to the best of my knowledge its a static thing so try antistatic spray if you have it or you can try to run a grounding wire, or shortening your wires so there’s no slack i had this issue tt year and these things were suggested to me at states. if you can do any i would at least try them.
best of luck at Tennessee states

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It sounds like you crashed the V5 somehow.

Do you mean the power cable ? That would be very unusual.


yes. the cord from the brain to the battery

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