Quick Question: Which Design Software?

What software do you folks use for robot design? Thank you kindly.

Our club uses Autodesk Inventor Professional. However, there are many other autocad programs available for use.

Autodesk Inventor. It was designed for assembling parts and almost seems designed for VEX. You can download it for free for students at students.autodesk.com

We use Autodesk Inventor as well. Our sister team uses Solidworks and it seems to work well for them.

inventor pro :slight_smile:

i still use 2012 version. Runs on a Pentium dual core lappy.

use the latest on my desktop units.

free from autodesk education community. :smiley:

great software, and extracted drawing look very cool :slight_smile:

I use autodesk inventor pro 2014. I used to use 2011. I do know a lot of people in FTC like solidworks

I prefer mojang inventor.

Clean and more user friendly.


I use SolidWorks and it works great for VEX. It runs okay but is slow on my laptop (Intel i3).
However Inventor has a free student version so that would probably be more practical for you.

If you do end up using SolidWorks get the parts here:
If you need different sizes of parts it’s easy to cut them (what I do is edit the part, sketch a plane over the part I don’t want and cut extrude it away. Sounds crude but I haven’t had a problem with it)

Thanks folks! Appreciate your input, and I’ll give your suggestions a look!