Quick question

So, my team is starting to rebuild again. Someone suggested a 6 motor turbo chassis, would this actually work on a light (8 pounds or less) robot? Or would it just stall?

It should work, 6 motor turbo is about the same as 4 motor high speed and 4 motor high speed is able to do 15 lbs robots + mobile goals.

it could be possible if you use one motor (intake,mogo intake(5:1), fourbar or chain bar) than yes its possible and also do a 3 motor DBR4 its been done check out space monkey mofia on ig

We do a 3 motor DR4B, it’s pretty nice.

How do you power it symmetrically? are your motors on the middle section of the lift?

The one odd motor is, the other two are positioned normally.

@briancole Do you see a noticeable speed advantage over 2m lifts? In my experience, the difference is slim between 2m and 4m lifts.

Well, you can high speed a 4 mtr lift, but unless your driver can control it it’s not worth it. It honestly depends on what your team does during the match, if you do a lot of driver loads you want the lift speed, if you are the person that goes more for delivering mg’s fast, go 6 mtr drive. We personally used a 3 mtr to make certain ours didn’t burn out. Personally I think the best motor setup is passive claw, 1 mtr adjustment arm, 4 mtr lift, 6 mtr drive.