Quick question

So umm… if I switch from V4 to V5 in the middle of a competition, would I be bringing a seperate robot?

If you just switched to controller then perhaps it might be considered legal. However in reality you mean changing all the motors from 393’s to V5 smart motors too so that’s really a complete subsystem 2 change and thus illegal. Why would you even consider doing this?

During a single competition event - swapping in V5 Robot Brain, V5 Battery, and V5 motors on drive train you have violated <R1> by swapping out entirety of subsystem 2.

You probably can swap it out for another event.

Hmmm… So if I had V4, after a competition I could switch to V5 and hand the robot to another team for a competition that they would compete in. After the competition they would then switch back to V4 to hand it to another team, and then that team would switch to V5 and hand it to an additional team.

lol exploits xD

Absolutely not. Plate switching is explicitly prohibited. In this scenario you say “hand the robot to another team” and that is the infraction of the rules. See <R1> Note C.