Quick questions about Cortex

Just a couple of questions

  1. What hardware is necessary for linking two VEXnet Joysticks together, if any? Is it provided in the cortex bundle with the microcontroller and joystick?
  2. Is the VEXnet joystick compatible with the PIC microcontroller? If so, what version software is necessary for programming it (robotC, if it matters)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Telephone-style cable. It would be good to have some VEX person confirm this (is it the same as the 75MHz tether cable?) I do not have dual joysticks yet.
  2. No. You can only use the new joystick with the Cortex controller.

Yes, it is telephone-style cable EXACTLY the same as what was used with the old controllers(the cable that links the handset to the base, has an RJ11 connector on each end).