Quick release

I’ve looked around and couldn’t really find anything about it, but does anyone know where I can get a quick release for the vex pneumatics?

Are you talking about the quick release fittings that attach the air tubes to the solenoid, air tank, or cylinder?

Or the schrader valve for attaching an air pump to pressurize the system?

Or something different ?

Sorry, apparently called the tire pump fitting. It’s the one as seen in the picture.

Okay I thought so. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available as a separate item on the Vex website :frowning:

Did yours break or get lost?

We never received one with our kits, but I think I have found one on the SMC website.


@7447D The tire pump fitting (and the other pneumatic components) are sold separately on RobotMesh.

Here is the link to the fitting: http://www.robotmesh.com/vex-robotics/pneumatics/vex-pneumatics-tire-pump-fitting.

Also, RobotMesh has free shipping for orders over fifty dollars in the US.

@7447D That’s interesting. Did you buy the kits new? If so, go through the kits and make note of anything else missing, then contact Vex about receiving incomplete kits. They should be able to hook you up with what’s missing.

Okay so question, the tire pump fitting as seen in the picture I posted earlier is a quick release right? What I’m trying to get is something that would help us not loose like 30psi just from the quick instance from which I unplug the pump from the Schrader valve, would this tire pump fitting help with that?


All the ones linked in this thread are Schrader valves. They are meant to be a quick release with a one-way poppet valve inside that lets air in but not out. There will always be a small amount of air that escapes just as the pump hose is unlatched. On a vehicle tire with lots of volume, that small air loss is not a problem. On a robot with tiny air tanks, it can be significant.

A big part of reducing air loss is technique when releasing the pump from the fitting. I found that pulling gently straight out while releasing the latch gives the most reliable unhook without letting too much air out. Practice with your pump to find what gives the best results.

A clean release will have a small blast of air. If the pump attachment gets stuck partway, you can hear the air in the robot tanks rush out and you’ll need to clamp the pump on again and start over.

I appreciate the replies! :slight_smile: