Quick Response Needed- Pinning

Hello all,
I am at a tournament that is calling pinning only for 5 seconds Throughout the entire driver control. I have been to two competitions that the count resets if you back up for 5 seconds. Could someone point me to a ruling for or against this?

Edit: I have read SG4, and I don’t see clear wording for or against a reset. Using a quick search, I can’t find a ruling for or against this belief.

Check out the referee training videos, you might pick up on the guidance given in this matter.

link videos

I️ checked, but there wasn’t substantial evidence for either way either in videos

Pinning - aggressor needs to move away 2 feet (or about 1 tile away) for a five second period and the five second count resets, otherwise count resumes if the aggressor moves to pin again. Could it be that there was not a 2 foot retreat?

This is correct