Quick Swap Motors

Hi. I am wondering if quick swap motors are still legal this year, as they will be really helpful if we can use them. I did not know if they were illegal or not.

Yes, they are still legal.


My team made a quick swap flywheel we can take it off and replace it in about a minute.

A) What makes you think they might not be? B) Before you post on the forum “is it legal”, RTM. That should answer 98.3% of your questions.


R20 states that they cannot be changed, but in the “fineprint” it says that the motor screws are allowed to be removed so it seems to be in the gray area of sorts.

<R20> states that what cannot be changed? Would you please quote the text of the rule that would suggest, “Quick swap motors are illegal”? It may help your reasoning to define “quick swap” to see what part of the rule applies to it.


What are quick swap motors? Apologies if this is a dumb question; this season will be my first in VRC.

The motor cap is not screwed on, rather secured via zipties or rubber bands. This makes it easier to remove and service the motor cartridge, and replace the motor if it overheats.


I see, thanks for explaining!

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I did not see the bottom part of r20. It specifically states that you may not change v5 motors in any way in the rule, but in the bullet points at the bottom, it states that yoy may remove the motor screws. Sorry for the confusion.

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