Quick swap vex name plates

The new colored nameplates this year are really annoying to switch every match, so my team created a mechanism to make it easy to switch them whenever. The concept is that the two name plates are mounted on either side of a piece of right angle which has an outer slide truck on the bottom. Because the outer slide truck can clip onto the linear slides, the name plate will stay stationary. The two long screws help line up the name plate. Link to photo album: http://imgur.com/a/x5ozB

Definitely an interesting idea.

What most teams do is attach one plate, and clip the other one on top using VEX IQ pins if they are on the other colour.

We Bolt one color to the metal, then if we are the other color, we attach the second plate to the first plate using thumb screws

I just permanently screw the red plate on to the robot then velcro the blue plate on top of it, i originally got the idea from team 21.

If your not using IQ pins, then you are missing out. That is the whole reason for the rule allowing the pins. They work great.

Yeah, our team uses those pins and they are soooo useful. We have the blue plates on the bottom, and even when we take the red plates off we can clip them together using the pins so we don’t lose the pins. Another idea that we used before we got the plates was zip tying the top outer holes of the plates together, then attaching the blue one to the robot and flipping the red one forward when we were red.

Another idea: for teams who normally place extremely high at tournaments, you might want to attach the red plates to the robot so you can generally save the weight of two license plates during elimination matches.

Can’t you just put red on one side and blue on the other so you never have to worry about changing them? That’s all we do, so the only thing we have to worry about is putting the right flag on.

Most tournaments are not using the flags anymore. Therefore the only means of identifying the alliance (red or blue) of a robot, is the color of the license plate.

So no, you cannot put one of each color on each side. If your events have been allowing this, they should not.

Keep in mind, the whole point of the colored licenses is to do two things at once…identify the team number, and the team alliance color with one quick glance.

Most events (or at least all the ones we have been to) don’t use flags and require you to have the correct color license plate on opposite sides of your robot (although enforcement is not always the greatest).

Beaten by 4149G

:frowning: dang our robot looks sexy with both of them on.

I guess it would be legal to put a plexiglass colored piece blocking the color you arn’t? Like if you’re red, cover up the blue with red plexiglass you just place over it.

Some tournaments require you to have flags, so one inspection criterion is to have a flag holder. We have two on our robot just for the heck of it :smiley:

While the color would be representative of your team you’re still required to have identification on both sides of your robot. I find it extremely easy to clip on and take off the license plates with VEX IQ pins and even with zip ties, so I see no reason to use plexiglass, especially if you already have license plates.

No our robot has blue and red plates on one side and blue and red on the other side. I was saying we could “cover” the plates we dont need with plexiglass.

I just had my teams put velcro on their plates and their bot so they can switch them depending on the match.

In the finals match in a recent tournament, I saw a robot with red license plate frantically scoring blue cubes and was very confused.

haha… that may or may not have been us

I think it was one of the Puerto Rico teams, but it might have been you :slight_smile:

I’ve almost done it several times too

If you want to do something really awesome, attach the License plates to a servo and let them rotate so the correct color is visible :smiley: If you use the LCD for autonomous selection you can simply use the color that got selected there and tell the servo to rotate to position x to display red and to y to display blue.

I personally like the Vexmen plates! :smiley: I was not thrilled with the thought of the stick on letters by 6th graders so we now have vanity plates! They are vinyl based stickers with a red or blue background to match the plate along with the Vexmen logo.

Vexmen at Downingtown MS Skyrise Event

Closer in shot along with the fine trophy labels one of our mentors made too.

Vexmen Host the Downingtown Open 2015

not to blatantly peddle my own idea (thanks for the shoutout cameron :D), but this works REALLY well. velcro is the lightest way to go - it requires almost 0 weight