Quick V5 Auton

Our team uses functions for our auton to make it easier for us but with coding autonomous, it often is just repetitive trial and error and with a lengthy field reset, the amount of time between test could be quite long. Besides recording (because we don’t have enough time), does anyone have any tips for faster programming besides guess and check?

Write a void that uses a unit conversion and makes your robot go a certain amount of inches


My tip for fast programming is to not code fast and instead give yourself more time.


Plan the path on paper - measure distances - make spreadsheet for each segment of autonomous, estimated time of execution, and points earned. This way you will know if you are within the time budget and if you need to shave steps off, you know which ones to prioritize. Also, if you are clever, associate a percentage of success - so if something works 9/10 vs another that works 9.9/10 of the time - go with the latter.

It will save you time on the field debugging.


One trick I’ve found is using the devices menu to measure distances with the encoder. That way you can use the measured value in a Motor#rotateFor() and the motor should travel to that distance every time.

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