Quirks at home events

So I have been voulnteering at Vex events for 3 years now and each year we at the East Brunswick event demonstrate the current game in an unusual way. We dont show the game animation we demonstrate the game using “Human robots”. I’m just wondering what other quirks or things you do at events besides compete and dance that makes the events your own and more fun that makes you want to go back to that event.

This is the human robot game demo from this year

Thanks to RendSprite @ youtube

I absolutely LOVE watching those videos, haha! I laughed my head off last year and enjoyed watching their new one this year. :slight_smile:


The past 2 years (elevation and clean sweep) I was one of the “robots” but this year I was head ref. I’m glad we have brought comic relief to those even outside our event when the competitions themselves can become quite strenuous.

So what do the Sparks do to liven up their events?

Well, last year (Clean Sweep) we hosted a tournament on Halloween, so we held a costume contest, and had everyone from the stands vote on the costumes. Also last year at the Vex Mid-Atlantic Championship we rented the entire Players venue and sold tickets to teams that wanted to partake in the team social we held there, which was really fun. We look forward to doing the same this year, as well! :slight_smile:


The team social was a lot of fun last year we competed in the Mid-Atlantic competition last year under the team numbers 1083a-c. The social was a blast. Costume contests now i may have to bring that up with the event coordinator in New Jersey. What was the winning contest if you remember?

Glad to hear you guys liked it! :slight_smile:

Hmm, you know I can’t really remember which costume won, I’ll ask one of our team members, she might know.