Quite possibly the largest trophy in Vex History (at least based on a statement from Karthik)

KIDS Inc team presenting the largest Vex trophy to team Pigpen (6842Z) for winning the Excellence award at the KIDS Inc winter qualifier.

A couple of years ago, Karthik was at the City of Indianapolis Vex Tournament and talked about the trophies being the largest trophies in the history of Vex. Well, now the largest trophy stands at 7’10" and sits at Park Tudor Middle School.

Pigpen dominated in qualifications winning every match and won all but one autonomous. Additionally, Pigpen won skills with a score of 182 (110 in driver skills and 72 in programming skills). The two engineers and one retired school teacher who were judging said there was one team that was absolutely the best and it was Pigpen.

What is most impressive in all this is that Pigpen is a middle school team and they were the only middle school team in the tournament that was full of high powered high school teams, many of which frequently go to worlds.

Congratulations to Park Tudor and Pigpen!

Correction…the trophy is hanging out @ Park Tudor MIDDLE SCHOOL!!


Oops. I totally goofed that. Yes, it is at the middle school, much to the chagrin if @Powerbelly (lol). I think it makes a wonderful addition to the library. I look forward to seeing it on my next visit.

I have made the appropriate change. Thank you for the catch.

That’s pretty awesome for them!

I have one question. How did they take that home?

We were all hoping the team captain’s parents would open up the roof of their SUV and drive home with it riding in the back seat sticking out the top, but no such luck. Instead, it rode back in a trailer. Park Tudor (@Powerbelly) very generously let us use two of their complete field sets and transported them in a trailer. There was ample room. In other words, we did not make it quite tall enough.

Oh well. Hopefully try again next year.