[Qusetion] Limits on the robot

Hi everyone, i am new around herr so sry if i am bad at typing.
I was wondering if there was any limit for the amount of disks a robot can intake and if there is any limit for the amount of sensors a robot can use

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Hi there, welcome to the community! You’ll find the pdf of the current version of the game manual on the competition page Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics It is searchable, so you’ll find your specific answer easily and quickly, but I want to advise you to go through the whole manual, preferably with someone else doing the same so that you can discuss it, and ideally do that at least twice, because learning always takes repetition and review. It’ll save you more time and worry than it takes to pay enough attention to the primary information source.


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The answers to all your questions are in the Game Manual
it will tell you what you what is permitted for the robot and specific game rules.

Please read it.


All of this is in the game manual. So make sure you have a thorough read through of it. But to answe your question, disc possesion limit is 3 at a time and u can have as many sensors as ypu can fit on your brain.


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As someone new to robotics, one of the most important things you need to do is read the game manual, which has the answers to the basic questions you’re asking. Here is a link: https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/VRC-SpinUp-GameManual-3.pdf
As you read the game manual (https://link.vex.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/GameManual ), keep in mind that the game manual tells you things that you must do, and things that you are prohibited from doing. It can’t tell you everything you might do, so if the game manual does not prohibit an action, then it is generally legal. The game manual does not generally discuss any particular game strategy or mechanisms you might use.

After you have had a chance to read the game manual, please feel free to post again if there is something you still don’t understand.


For all questions about limits on the robot, go take a look at the game manual: https://link.vex.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/GameManual
Since you are new here, you might not know that it is generally encouraged to look through the game manual before posting a question.

This is in the game manual, the limit is 3 discs at a time

There is no limit on sensors, anything that is not made illegal by the game manual is legal

With disks, please read the vex spin up game manual, found here. It will help you with any other questions likely to come up as well. It should be noted that the manual outlines what you may not do, not what is allowed. If unmentioned, it is most likely legal, provided it follows a reasonable standard of safety and fairness. There is also the Q &A in Robot Events to help with these cases.

As for sensors, there is no legal limit (as you will find none in the manual), but you are limited to the number of ports on your brain. There are tricks such a splitting ports, but with sensors, that’s not super useful.

Good luck, and welcome to the forums!

Where does it say that on the manual specifically, been searching for a while i think i am tired i am able to find it