R u having problems with the motor screws?

The vex motor screw wear very easy and so the allen-wrench for it
ive been wonderin if anybody else has been having the same problem

Ive posted this b/c ive found a solution to the problem
if you buy a mini rachet from radioshack it has a T8 screw that fits the motor screws and wears them less

also has a hex 3/32 size so you can use with the normal metal screws
and other useful sizes and its only $10

heres a link to show u what it looks like
:wink: its portable and very helpful for builders.

I hate screwing in the motors in c-channel.

our wrenches more circular than the regular ones so we dont have that prob ill post a pic of it later

i have stripped too many of those really tiny screws. luckily i have bought extras.

We don’t have problems stripping the screws themselves but wrenchs yes we’ve stripped our fair share of those. We’ve also found that the motor screws seem to have a habit of loosening themselves especially if they go through a bearing.

:smiley: i just remembered somethin about the rachet!!
the bit pieces included can also fit in the small side of of the bolt wrench:cool: isnt that nice!

mee too!


Our team has never had a problem with the motor screws coming out once they have lok-tite on them. Without lok-tite they fall out all the time.

The heads seem to strip with little effort at least for me.

omg I have had the worst time with them.

Twice the head has gotten so worn out I could not unscrew it and had to cut/drill through the bearing to get at the screw.

During the Penn Competition, 2 cruicial drive motor screws became loose and I had to take apart have the drive base to tighten it

i stripped almost all of the screws and had to buy more.

i agree -

I have never had a problem with them… Did I get the magic screws, or am I more careful with them???


The screw that was connected to one of my motors would not come out because the part where you unscrew it was stripped. I spent 1 hour trying to get it out:eek: :eek:

if you cant tell already from the numerous responses,
the general opinion is
the motor screws strip easily and fall out pretty easily as well [without lock-tite]

and i definitely agree
i’ve had a couple instances where the motor screw would NOT come back out because the head was stripped so bad

to remove a stripped screw cut a phillips head in it with a dremel tool and use a screwdriver to get it out. Or if you have the time JB weld a hex driver to it and let the JB dry. Then once its dry back the screw out and break off the JB weld

Buy ball drive hex wrenches. They’re more durable and they don’t strip the screws. I’ve yet to strip any screws since I bought those wrenches. Also, I’ve gone to my local hardware store (I just happen to work there, too) and bought replacement screws. They seem to be much stronger (grade 8) than the ones that come with the kit.

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