R u having problems with the motor screws?

Yeah, that is weird. But I think we have come to a couple of conclusions:
2. balled hex wrench

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wich hardware store (name)

Try radio shack first, then if they don’t have them go to your local hardware store before trying stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Suppor the local guys!

ruined 2 in the first day by stripping them, even after i read this thread

beware tighten carefully

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I have found that a good quality ball driver like this Craftsman works great. The problem seems to be with the tools in the kit more than the screws, and Loc-tite isn’t necessary because with proper tools you can actually get the screws tight.

I’m not having any problems with stripping the screw (unless we have different meanings for the same word), but I am having problems with the screws constantly coming loose, even when the robot is just sitting there not doing anything.

Lok-Tite is neccesary if you are competing because some screws can be hard to get to especially with back-to-back matches. We found the most effective toll to be the ball end hex driver because you can get to the screws from an angle and still not strip them, we haven’t messed one up yet.

its just those motor screws they are awlys stripping and getting caught and you have to work at them with a pair of pliers for like 30 minuites:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Once I spent 45 minutes trying to get a screw out of a motor with a pair of pliers. It was the worst experience I have ever had with Vex.

If we find that a motor screw or any other type of screw is stripped, our team will just take a dremel or a hacksaw and cut a slit through the middle so we can get a regular straight screwdriver into it and unscrew it. The whole process takes just a few minutes. Try it out.

Someone also said this before but it seems it was skipped over.

We now sell higher-strength 6-32 Motor screws for those who have had problems. Check it out:


I use this technique in my everyday life, it works great.

You can also just go pick up some higher quality screws at your local ACE Hardware. We got some of these to replace the long motor screws that come in the kit and they work very well. You don’t need very many, so it’s a pretty cheap upgrade.

I never thought about this. Thanks for the great idea. :slight_smile:

i got a couple GWS servo motors and to attach the servo horn you had to thread in this tiny screw
now i dont have a shop or techlab or even many fancy tools at home…let along a hack saw
so it was so annoying when i went to change the horn and im sitting there with everyscrewdriver i own and a pair of pliers trying to get the $#%^ thing out, it took me about an hour and now instead of a star head it looks like a circle with a little indent :mad: :mad: :mad: i have now done this several times, but luckily it turns out the vex servo screws fit! thank god!

well we buy the wrenches with a more rounded head, whe have no problem with stripping but they do get stuck sometimes… I guess they work to well.

Here is a pic of what ours looks like

That happened to me! Instead my dad got the stuck screw out. It’s horrible and annoying how the screws strip the tools! I think we need better quality tools from Vex! I’d also like to see motorized screwdrivers - but honestly, that’s never gonna happen. But it would be awesome.

Also, I have had the problem with screws coming out to!It isn’t often for me though, I’m a hobbyist so I don’t go to any games.

they allen keys that vex gave had to be constantly grinded down to sharpen the ends
but we got some of our own, and they were fine
i think the motor screws material is less hard?
not sure on that one though