R1 clarification

This is probably worth a Q&A but I figure I’ll ask the forums first for a quick sanity check.

R1 states that only one robot is allowed per team, and swapping out subsystem 1 (drivebase) or subsystem 2 (electronics) would count as a separate robot.

I have one strategy that I want to try out at a competition where I may just entirely remove my drive base and just sit there.
But I may have some games with a drive base, and some games without a drivebase. If I’m not adding anything that would constitute a separate base (aka just removing the drivebase and not adding anything else) would that be violating R1?


Notice that for a stationary robot the drive base (subsystem 1) is the base of the robot even if it doesn’t have wheels. so, When you take off a drive train you are “swapping out” subsystem 1 from your normal drive train to the stationary robot base.


May I ask, why are you considering this strategy? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for your alliance to have 2 moving (driving) robots instead of 1?


Well that’s the best part, never let the enemy alliance know your next move.

While the other alliance is sitting there, dumbfounded that one of the enemy alliance’s robot does not have a drive base, your teammate can score without any defense.

The more I think about this strategy, the more it doesn’t make sense actually.

Happy Birthday @RoboCatz !

As for your question, my teammate and I joking talked about a stationary robot. Simply start it by the matchload feeder, and shoot the machloads into the high goal, then expand. Without wasting 4 motors on your drive you could easily have 4m flywheel and 4m expansion. Thus getting 95 (matchloads+preloads) + 324 (tiles) for a total of 129 points. Definitely enough to win some Kansas matches, but still a bad idea and best as a joke.


If your 4m expantion has wheels then it might be considered the drive

given that the UK vex scene is still very early and the majority of us are pushbots, this was what I was considering. No drivebase to make it much harder to push us (as of yet no pneumatics for breaks)

Legit we won a bunch of games in our first comp yesterday by dumping 11 match load discs into the field and pushing them into low goal

plan being that if we were getting pushed away from matchload station a lot, then we’d take off drive base and go from there, if not then whatever


Tbh you could always use center traction wheels to prevent defense. And there’s always the option of a motorized break, or setting your motors to brake type hold with the push of a button (not really recommended b/c it could damage the motors with prolonged use under defense. But given current UK VEX scene as u described it u might find some use of it).

X drive, so cant have centre traction wheels, and we would still drift on the Omni wheels even on break type hold

already using all 8 motors, don’t really have any ideas on how to spare up a motorised break.

I’ve ordered the pneumatics, but it’s backordered, no idea when I’ll get them

ngl one idea I wanted to try was having our teammates pin us, but not really a good idea at all since they’d probably block the discs unless it was a small pushbot

No, motor hold would prevent the motors from moving even on a x-drive

Even an x drive would move due to rollers on the wheels without the wheels turning.

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Brake type hold would stop the drive train to some degree, since the wheels are mounted perpendicular to each other.

The free spinning rollers of one wheel would be counteracted by the stopped wheel with the omni’s rollers facing 90°, and vice versa

But this would not be as effective as using pneumatic brake or traction wheel

What you have just described was the concept of “Hand of God” (HOG) that appeared back in… 2012 (or earlier?).

The robot basically just sit at the base and have a long telescopic arm to reach out.

Think you might need to reach out to @AndrewRemmers1902 or Aperture for more details.

But yes - you can have a stationary robot - but you cannot have both the stationary and mobile robot in the same tournament.

Edit: I categorised it as a “concept” because I am not sure if there is anyone that managed to pull it off.