<R16> Clarification for Motor Vents

In the V5 Smart Motors, there are slits that appear to be for ventilation but with further inspection, they appear to be decoration. Before any modification is made we were wondering if modifying these slits to actually allow them to vent would be allowed. The closest rule I could see is part A which reads

“Motors (including the internal PTC or Smart Motor firmware), microcontrollers (including V5
Robot Brain firmware), extension cords, sensors, controllers, battery packs, reservoirs,
solenoids, pneumatic cylinders, and any other electrical component or pneumatics
component of the VEX EDR platform may NOT be altered from their original state in ANY

We would like to cut the slits to allow better ventilation to cool down the motors while in use.

You would be making it more efficient at cooling, this is illegal.

It literally says “altered in any way” and you want to chop a chunk out of the side.

Also this is the judges Q&A, not the official turning point Q&A.


I don’t have any confirmation on this, but I did see a lot of teams at US Create spraying their motors with motor coolant while they were testing and after matches. If you’re concerned about motors overheating that may be what you’re looking for.


This will not be legal, as it is a modification of the motor that does not match the as-sold motors. In order to modify motors, you can only modify them if they break and you can only modify them to the level of as-sold motors.

If it is ruled legal to cut out the vents, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t exactly give any advantage to any other specific team. The problem I see with cutting out vents is damage by debris/humidity to the internal systems of the motor. The entire back section of the motor is sealed off, so the motor cannot be damaged or modified in any way shape or form. Also, by cutting the vents, you are taking a huge risk of potentially damaging the motor while cutting as well. You may accidentally cut the internal motor or the internal smart chip, which is not good.

I found spraying motors with air dusters to not work well with V5 motors. If you are wanting to get the motor cooled down immediately, I would suggest doing a clip quick-swap so when the motor overheats you can replace the motor with another, cooled down motor so you can continue practicing or competing.


This is a legality question, not a “good idea” question. It’s a terrible Idea. Not only would it have no significant affect on cooling, especially not for the effort it would take, but like you said, the potential problems and/or damage it would cause.


For anyone looking to make this modification with motors that will not be used in competition, please don’t cut things with the motor assembled. The back, side housing, and front are all separable with the removal of a few Phillips head screws. The screws holding the middle and back together are hidden by the front, so it has to be removed first to separate the sides casing from the back panel.

That being said, it is not a legal modification for the competition.




lol the vents are just decoration?

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I suppose so. I thought they were functional too, but soon after realized that they didn’t actually go anywhere. Maybe they have another purpose that we aren’t thinking of, such as structural stability or something. (The difference between paper and cardboard)


I expect the fins were added as stiffening elements, like loose screw says. The only way fins will act as heat sinks is if they are metal and thermally connected to the motor.

Off topic, but I prefer GASL or just tag me. There are actually other teams called “Loose Screw” or a variant. (Name-stealing black flowers of society… :wink:)

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