<R17> Rule Clarification

For my teams endgame expansion mechanism, we are using 2 pneumatic pistons to activate 2 launchers. These pistons do not require much air to activate, as they only have to move a small amount for the mechanism to take over and activate. My question is this: states that we can’t use additional tubing solely for more air storage, but if we use a minimal amount of tubing, do we need to connect the pistons to our main reservoirs? Can we pressurize the system when it only has 2 pistons, 2 solenoids, a small amount of tubing and a valve? The pistons can only activate once, so I think its fairly clear we are not using the tubing to store more air pressure, the pistons themselves contain most of the air.

I read the manual update, and I couldn’t find anything on either the forum or any Q&A post, so I was wondering if anyone else could help me clarify. Like I said before, the pistons require a minimal amount of air to activate the mechanisms, ~8-10 psi, but we didn’t want to put them in our main pneumatic system in case we ran out of air pressure in a match, and just to add less places where the system could fail or leak.


You’ll just need to plan to reserve enough air to activate your launcher cylinders at the end of the match. If you become familiar with your robot well engough, you’ll get an idea of how may times you can actuate your air cylinders (perhaps even program a counter of sorts, to reserve enough air to actuate your launcher air cylinders).

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What happens if they deploy by accident in the middle of a match? You’ll need air to pull them back (if possible) and deploy again.

I was at an event last weekend where there were a number of accidental deployments.

Thank you. I tried searching for a topic like this on the Q&A but maybe my search criteria was poor.

Like I said, our expansion pistons don’t need much air to activate, so its not a problem to add it to our main pneumatic system, just the slim chance of a problem.

We use string launchers, so on the off chance that they do prematurely deploy, we do not have a way to rectify that, so we would have to move to a corner. They do not have a way to redeploy without fully resetting by hand.

However, because of the way they are built, and because we are using double acting pistons, the mechanism is held before deployment by the full force of a piston and a rubber band for redundancy. Through testing, our mechanisms do not deploy from being hit or jolted some other way, even with little air pressure in the pistons. We also have a safety on our controller so our driver can’t accidentally activate them. Thanks, though!

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