R2-IQ: Building an astromech

I’ve started building an R2-D2 style astromech out of VEX IQ parts. If you’re interested in following my progress, check out my blog.


Good Luck. Look forward to seeing it as it progresses.

Thank you for posting. I can use it as an excuse whenever my my significant other think we have too many parts already :wink:

Steve, one of the characteristics of R2D2 is the bip and blips he makes… Do you intend to do something for this? I am afraid IQ brain sound is too weak for any usage in a show…
@nenik: there is no such thing as too many VEX parts :wink:

Philo, My short-term plan is to use the IQ Brain. Knowing we won’t be able to hear that in any room bigger or louder than my basement… my long term plan is to put an arduino in the head for “special effects”, and connect it to the brain via I2C, so the brain remote can still control everything.

nenik, I don’t understand the comment about “too many parts”. Wait, I think I understand… the real problem is that you don’t have enough projects.

Thanks guys, I’ll use your words as a reference. Need to order some more now…