<R24> - what counts as visible?

I have a question about . It states :
“The Robot on / off switch or button must be accessible
without moving or lifting the Robot. All microcontroller lights and / or screens must also be easily visible
by competition personnel to assist in diagnosing Robot problems”
Does this mean the entire screen needs to be visible or just part? I have a bot with very few locations that are available to mount the brain. In fact we had it mounted upside down, unaware of this rule and practically forfeited 2 quali matches while trying to fix it. Obviously I would like to avoid that for our next one.
The brain is currently located so that it is underneath 2 motors (used for our lifts). You cane see the bottom half of the screen as well as up the middle (between the lifts). The power button is accessible but not if you have fat fingers. The entire screen is accessible in terms of being able to press everywhere on it but you can’t easily see everything on it (without getting down to the robots level and looking between the motor and screen). I am don’t have access to the bot currently (I’m at home, the bots at school) but I will add a picture to this Monday morning which I expect will be needed for a definite answer.

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Common sense and safety prevails as top priorities.

  1. should major malfunction happen, field volunteers need to be able to safely de-energize the robot without harm. True story, one of our teams had scissored their battery cables in their lift mechanism, battery shorted and proceeded to meltdown and smoke out
  2. referees and inspectors need to be able to interact with screen to determine correct VEXos etc.
  3. expect that at Worlds you will have so-called “fat fingers” (which is utterly rude remark to make as an engineer)

As an EP, I implore you to design and build better robots for the sake of retaining my volunteers :slight_smile:

No picture needed.


If I saw a robot like this at worlds and was either trying to inspect it or debug because of problems you may have had, I would not be happy.


Thanks. That’s what I figured. And sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude by saying “fat fingers”. I just meant it to describe the size of the gap between the screen and motors.

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I did not believe it was intended as rude. That said, “Common Sense” is if the rule is intended to be safety sake, do expect that means as an engineer you need to consider all the people interacting with the robot outside your team that have to act to keep an event safe.

Do design robots to be operated by those not in your student drive team.

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That’s fair. I have only been to one competition and (as far as I could tell) no one other than the bots respective team ever needed to access the brain. That’s why I was confused on this rule as I didn’t consider the safety side of things - I didn’t realize that the electronics were powerful enough to cause that kind of danger.

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There is an option to invert the screen in the brain’s settings.

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Thats not what I meant. By upside down I mean the screen was facing the ground underneath the bot

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