R7C: Regarding Bolts

Dear VEX Community,

After perusing this thread https://vexforum.com/showthread.php?t=84154 Would you please go through the following list of bolts and advise me which are legal?

Otherwise I will assume they all are. :wink:



P.S. The drawing is from the Pacific Fasteners Catalog. The first page is actually a nice reference for the different names of a variety of nuts, bolts and screws.
Pacific Fasteners.JPG

Judging from what Karthik said, you are able to use any nut that is identical to one sold by vex, meaning keps or nylock. However, I’m by no means an expert on the rule.

I would assume that they are all legal as well, but take special care not to break any other rules and respect the rulings of your local judges.

Take special care with Wing Nut, Push Nut, Coupling Nut (as to not use it as a standoff), Pal Nut, and the T Nuts for Channels (could be unsafe, or damage the field).
These nuts do not seem to be

The rest of the nuts do seem to be reasonable though.

I laughed when I saw the picture of all of the weird bolts that you attached, but all of those are not commercially available, and therefore not legal :wink: :smiley:

Yeah, you’ve kind of got to click on the image to get the joke. :slight_smile: Technically, they are listed in the Pacific Fasteners catalog, but I have yet to try ordering one!


<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:
C. Any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M2, M2.5, M3 or M4 screw up to 2" long, and any
commercially available nut to fit these screws. /quote/

to me, this rule is contrary to what karthik has briefly explained saying, only a “reasonable replacement” is legal. shouldn’t this be changed in the game new game manual?:confused:

I feel like there is still not a sharp line as to what is “reasonable” but I also understand a line is hard to make in something as wide as types of screws and nuts. a wing nut would be nice sometimes. or at least a thumb nut:D

is the rule up to event personnel’s discretion? should we ask event organizers/ leaders for events locally?

I think when a nut is a standoff is when it would cross the line. Or if you specially made a weird part. Is it commercially reasonable and not like another Vex part which must be identical?

But you all are thinking too narrow here… :slight_smile:

(tensile strength differences aside, the weight savings are HUGE)

i guess you can always use the thumb screws vex sells. they are plastic i believe.
i think they break if torqued to much though.

how about this question. if it is available at Ace (hardware store) and passes all other rules, is it legal? official?

is that a “reasonable” replacement?

those are for sure commercial and not “weird.”:rolleyes:

I am extremely disappointed in karthiks answer to my question. The entire point of a QA is to clarify. Not to make the rule more vague. Right now it is impossible to use any nut or screw except identical to VEX ones. Which is disappointing.

Yes I agree coupling nuts are kind of ridiculous but there is benefits to them. (couple one screw size to another) Not to mention they are substantially shorter than standoffs. I would say any nut up to 1" long should be legal.

All the other nuts I posted should be legal… It’s crazy to make the VEX system more closed then it already is. It really in my eyes needs to be opened more to teach real engineering.

Again I am disappointed. But I think it’s just payback for all my trolling xD

I know your pain. But perhaps if you had asked him about a particular nut you’re interested in using and had not presented him with half a day’s worth of nut cases to pore over. :slight_smile:

Since this thread went nutty,…

How about almonds, peanuts, cashews, and hazelnuts, or perhaps Nutella?

Seriously though, I think that the ruling was as specific as it needed to be for the time being. I agree that if you want to use a specific nut, a specific Q&A would be best,.

Another thing to consider is that because we are allowed to use different sizes of screws, it must be necessary to use different sized nuts that are not identical to the vex ones,

Maybe the rules will change for the new challenge…

so the rule is

I’ve seen lots of hardware used that is not in any way identical to VEX hardware, for example, nylon screws.

I asked a question about screws with lock washers (admittedly a while ago).

So I think some of the nuts shown would be legal, many are borderline, some (like the push nut) probably not.


In all sincerity, perhaps you should ponder this thought for awhile. Not saying it actually affected the decision, but these forums are meant for meaningful, helpful discussions. Your behavior more often than not does not help. A fun little joke every now and then can be an ok thing…but incessant trolling is very different.

To be honest I cringed a little when I read your reply to Karthik in the Q&A. It comes across as very rude. I do think it is good of you to ask for more clarification, because I don’t think Karthik’s answer was fair on that particular question…but I wish you would have formed your response in a more tactful way.

Edit: Android4Life has since edited his comments in the Q&A.

My personal opinion on the bolts and nuts discussion is that if the rule says ANY commercially available nut…then that’s what it says. I don’t think it is fair for Karthik to now say that it must be a replacement for a VEX nut, because that’s not what the rule says.

This may be a lesson. Sometimes it is better to NOT ask a question. The rule says ANY commercially available nut. Therefore that is the rule. The moment you ask for clarification, it muddies the water (in this type of situation).

Okay Karthik expect 23 separate QA posts later on this topic. And I’ll throw in some screws also just to make sure my robot is legal :wink:

Again, grow up. How many of these nuts/bolts do you REALLY have? I would wager that you have maybe one. (if any…I get the feeling you just want to stir up trouble because you can)

So ask a question about that one you are using and then move on!

P.S. - This is how you respectfully ask a question to Karthik

Everyone please remember to be respectful each other.

I have a hardware store across the street I get free parts from. So technically I have all of these.

For the sake of my sanity, I cannot converse with Android4life anymore. All I can say is I am ashamed that such a childish attitude persists within the VEX community. (I am not referring to only this discussion, but several things over the past few weeks)

If you want to troll, leave here and go to Reddit.

If this happens unfortunately, there is an ignore list where you can ignore users, https://vexforum.com/profile.php?do=ignorelist .