Radio Channels

How do I change the radio channel used by my control system?

**By default your Robot Controller and Operator Interface will use channel 40, the practice channel. During competition the Arena controller will tell your system which channel to use, so that every team will be using a different channel.

However, if you are running more than one robot control system in the same area and wish to avoid conflicts and interference, you have a few other channels to choose from. Refer to the Operator Interface Reference Guide.

New for 2005, you can now select up to 6 channels to support the new game. The 2005 Operator Interface Reference is now available.**

I can’t seem to get these working, after following what the doc’s say. Here’s what I do, step by step.
Unplug OI from power.
Change MSB on team number so its down on the bottom, which changes the team number to 2278, or something around that.
Tether to the robot, ensure controls work.
Change the channel so it reads like this, left to right
Down Down Down Down
Plug OI back in, press OI reset. Wait until OI comes back up.
Reset robot.
It ends up on channel 40, no matter what I do. Any fixes?

Setting the MSB on the Team Dip Switches only works with the 2005 OI. The customer was using a 2004 OI. With the 2004 Operator Interface, you must use a competition port adapter to enable practice channels.