Radio disconect

we have had problems with dc at random times in matches and skills. Any suggestions?

A team we were allianced with had a radio disconnect in the semifinals. He asked the referee what he could do about it, and the ref told him to add another radio. He said that many teams have a backup radio if their first happens to go out. I would probably add one or two depending on how severe and common this is.

My only suggestion is to make sure that it’s placed high up, not in the middle of the robot where a bunch of metal could interfere with the signal.
That’s about it, sorry!
Good luck!

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Biggest thing to remember with the radio is to make sure its unobscured and as high on the robot as possible for as good of a connection as possible.

Beyond that I have had some issues if the competition switch is connected after the program has already been run. Just make sure that you plug the competition switch in then run the program, instead of the other way around. If you aren’t experiencing these disconnects without the competition switch then that is probably your issue.

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Well, that’s a new one.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a team with a backup radio. The only way this might possibly work is if the first radio was physically disconnected, that is, the smart cable being disconnected in some way, then the V5 will look for another radio.

Most radio disconnects are loss of actual RF connection between the controller and brain, no amount of backup radios will help with this.


we had two brand new radios on so that if one crashed the other would still work, but it didn’t help

thanks, after looking at it again I think it was the field controller we were running on, because it never happens in practice.

you can do it. you just plug them both in and if a disconnect occurs you can reconnect to the other radio, this only works if the radio itself is broken.

it could be because the field control system was an older system i haven’t seen used in two years in comp.

@jpearman is right. Doesn’t solve the bigger issue of the radio going out, but it could help if you can solve why it is going out, adding more as a backup after one goes out will help if it ever happens again.

Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, are you using JAR PID template?

@jpearman: What is the best practice way to check what type of disconnect happened in a match? Team brain log? Smart Field Control brain log? Does TM log stuff in a user accessible/readable way? What to look for exactly, what is a good telltale? I see this very frequently at events: teams complain robot disconnected asking for rematch, person sitting at TM desk saying nope, we see green here everything’s fine, not field issue. Thanks.

We did check the brain log, but neither the brain nor the fc logged an error.

This happened to us at a sig event and it really sucked. We ended up replacing our brain, radio, and controller and we moved our radio to a spot that wasn’t surrounded by metal. Another issue we found was when the field was on a table and the controller was under the field wall it would disconnect because our driver is 5’6". Try replacing your electronics and holding your controller above the field wall.

Update: We disconnected again at another comp. We found that it was an issue in the code. We were printing something to the brainscreen and it was reprinting way too fast (20 milliseconds or so). We fixed this and haven’t disconnected since.

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on the feb 10th we found that there was radio firmware update, and that solved the problem

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