Radio Shack should sell VEX line?

After being discontinued for a year now, I think the VEX kit and other accessories and replacement items should be sold at RadioShack stores. It would be a lot easier for me, since I wouldn’t have to wait 5 days to recieve parts and pay extra for shipping.

well all the radio shacks around here were bought out by the source by cc

i would also like to be able to drive to a nearby radio shack in order to pick up vex parts. i think IFI would make more money if they allowed radio shack to carry vex products.

It would be convenient to pick up parts at radio shack and you would save money on shipping but if the parts are retailed somewhere else the prices could be higher. You would be saving on shipping but someone would have to ship them to the store, the store needs to pay emloyees and taxes, and the store wants profit which means they need to add onto the cost of the parts and resources. So when you bought parts at the store you wouldn’t see $6.87 shipping it would just be added in to the price.

I totally 100% agree with you!
Just the other day i was trying to build something, and i was 1 metal rod short of completing it… and my only option now that radio shack doesnt carry it would tobe buy the $5 part, then spend $2.50 or so on shipping. so instead of doing that, i had to improvise and file down a lego axle and fit it into a VEX clutch. If radio shack carried it, i would have totally just gone down there and bought the part that i needed.

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we only have the source up here in canada and they don’t even sell vex kits, i have to order:(

Are you refering to the place mentioned in this post,

it would be very nice if radio shack would carry the VEX line again… living in boring old wyoming, the nearest decent hobby shop that could/would carry parts i need is a good 3 hours away… the parental units are rather stingy about thier magical plastic, thus making online orders a rarity in my residence… on top of that, ill be moving out before they move someplace else, and that would make getting parts even harder… ;-;

Pre-paid VISA or MasterCards… RadioShack should carry GreenDot cards…

Remember though, Radio Shack could not sell the Vex stuff. The Radio Shack market is not so much Vex enthusiasts, but more teenagers, and cell phone buyers. So that is why they unloaded them, and consequentially I got mine. I do think though Vex has gotten much more popular, and mabey Radio Shack might carry the Vex line once again. I hope they do, but the likely hood of that is very very little.

I think that we should all keep on asking Radio Shack, though and they might change their minds.


Yes! Radio Shack or some other store such as Target or Sears should sell Vex / Revell sets and parts. I miss Heathkit who used to sell the DIY TV, stereos, PCs and the famous Hero 1 robot.

I think Radioshack needs to know that enough people in the area of there stores would buy the vex products, i wish the source would too

Guys, remeber though that Vex Geeks like us are not very common. So Radio Shack doesn’t want presious floor space wasted for a robot kit that gets bought about once a month.

Does anyone think radio shack is going out of business. I haven’t seen as many radio shack adds on TV or stores popping up anywhere.:smiley: :cool: :cool:

Radio Shack made the decision last year to change what inventory they keep in different stores. I used to work there in the late 80’s, when they still had IC chips and vacuum tubes in all their stores. I remember selling a cell phone to a guy for $1100.00. It was about as big as a toaster, and had a separate handset on a coiled cord connecting to the main piece (the toaster-size brick)

But I digress.

Radio Shack now has two types of stores, your Mall stores, and Shopping strip stores. Mall stores sell Ipod accessories, cell phones, and satellite TV subscription type stuff, more consumer electronic junk you can pretty much find anywhere. While they still have a little bit of the hobby stuff, the shopping strip stores carry more of the hobby stuff like breadboards and LEDs.

They’ve also closed a lot of the strip stores, I guess they weren’t making money over the last few years. You can probably thank Best Buy and other “big box” retailers for that. Their stock hasn’t done well the last few years, so they’re probably trying to make more money, and don’t see hobby electronics as a future money maker.

The only way they would get back into it is if the whole hobby robotics industry really exploded, where everyone who has an Ipod or Xbox suddenly had to have a Vex kit.

I THINK RADIO SHACK SHOULD BUT I DOUBT THERE GOING TO, BUT ID LIKE SOME OTHER STORE THATS NOT ONLINE TO SELL VEX like best buy , walmart ,taget ,hgregg, circut city, comp usa or any store really its alot easier to just go to the store and buy it rather than go online order it pay 8 dollars for shipping and wait 2-7 days or more

ps. sorry for caps accidently left them on

I AGREE:cool: :cool:

8 dollars for shipping, lucky you, i paid 100 dollars of shipping for $350 dollars worth of parts

where do you live i live ohio i dont think they can charge 100 $ for shipping in the usa

i live in canada, 80 dollar brokerage charge for filling out 15 minutes of papers at the border, bloody rip off, big companies ripping you off (UPS), who said that?