Radio Signal Malfunction

Hello, right now are in a vex iq competition. In the middle of the match our robot started to move to left without our control. we think that’s the fault of the controller and we wanted a rematch but our referee doesn’t let us to do it. what should we do. is it our robots problem or the controllers problem?

You should do the controller calibration to reset the controller.

You should also think of the joystick as being a puppy :dog: nose. Just a light boop moves the robot. Some roboteers push the stick so hard in the excitement of a match that it sticks. Gentle movement is the goal, the robots know you are excited, crushing the controller does not help.


Either way, it was your team’s problem. I hope you got it worked out, but you do need to have your robot and controller ready to play when you come to the field. I hope you get it figured out soon!

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