Radio turns a solid red while driving. What is the problem

While we are driving during matches or during practice, the radio will turn a solid red and our controller would say robot link lost. We replaced both the radio and the controller right before a finals match, but happened in 30 seconds before the match ended and we lost. We assume that the cable or brain is the problem but we aren’t sure. Does anyone know what is causing this problem and/or how to fix it?

I don’t know how to fix it, but that happened to us on Saturday and we just got a new controller and it seemed to work. I think that it only does that to us with the new field control system.

If you’ve already tried replacing the radio and controller, I’d suggest replacing the wire now. If that doesn’t work I would say it never hurts to then try swapping the brain, but try one thing at a time.


I would assume that the cable is not the issue here. I have seen several instances of this issue before, and I presume that the biggest issue you have is radio location. If your radio is in the middle of a lot of pieces of metal, like the centre of your robot, you will lose the link more often because the metal will interfere with the signal. Try mounting it on the side of your robot, as high up as you can, and far away from metal. You could even consider using spacers to hold it away from whatever it is attached to.