RadioRange Problem

i was using my VEX robot and noticed that i had no range at all. it was less than 15 feet. i thought it was my reciever, so i bought a new one and it still wont work. my theory is the humidity if anyone else has and ideas could you please help me! my spybot is usless if i have to be next to it to drive it…

What do you consider good range? A few hundred feet?

At the frequencies used on the vex controller and the typical ranges they are operated at ,weather is a non factor.

Antenna orientation can be a factor. If the antenna wire on your vex is vertical your transmitter antenna should be vertical and if the antenna wire on your vex is horizontal the transmitter antenna should be horizontal. (This is known as antenna polarization) Lots of people point the antenna at the robot, thats the worst possible scenario, when the vex antenna is vertical and transmitter antenna is horizontal.

You should still have good range thanks to reflections off nearby objects like walls and ceilings. Since you’ve replaced the receiver the next check is the transmitter. Perhaps its power is low for some reason, weak batteries or its not working right.

Good Luck,
Brian, K9WIS

I just noticed in your post you mentioned ‘spybot’…If you have a wireless camera on your vex it may be interfering with the vex receiver.

Brian K9WIS

thanks guys ill try both of those. i had never thought of the camera interfering. i was actually using it today and i found that for some reason my VEX had a much larger range at my freinds house. it also helped if i strung the antenna up on sometihng that WASNT metal. ill have to try what you guys said tho becuase my range is still only about 100 feet.