Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Vex Competition

Every year there is an off-season for FRC robots in Rochester, NY. This year, we have designed a custom game for vex participants.

The game is Vertigo and is played on a foam tiled field.

When: October 24th 2009

Where: Webster Thomas High School

Check it out here:

Download game here:

Register ($20 fee to cover field costs) here: - Coming soon!

Check back often!



  1. The starting size of 14" cubed is odd. Standard Vex chassis components are 11.5" and 17.5" A max-sized robot guarantees having to cut chassis rails to length, or going to a 12x12 (nominal) robot. A lot of 12x12 robots did great in Elevation, so this isn’t necessarily a big problem, but 14x14x14 is an odd size for Vex.

  2. Replays will NOT be permitted, no matter the situation. Even at the Elevation World Championships at least two matches were replayed due to referee error (or, at least a credible argument was made that referee error may have led to an unfair result). Your G-13 seems to indicate that not even matches like this would be replayed. Is this your intent?

  3. You may want to check the wording of . It looks like some cutting-and-pasting went awry.

  4. Do Vexplorer motors count against the limit of 10 “Vex motors and servos?” You might want to make this clearer.

  5. Do you have exact plans available for the ramps and bar? I couldn’t find the specs in your drawing.

I think this is a great game design and it should be a lot of fun. You should be proud. I wish we were close enough to play. Thanks for taking the time to design this game.

(This might be a good summer challenge game for our teams – if I can keep them away from Clean Sweep – which is why I read the rules in detail.)

Hello Alex,

My name is Cody Smith, I am a 3D animator. I have started taking on work and I seem to have a niche in the robotics game animation area (my entry to the design challenge placed first, I am currently working on Clean Sweep’s animation and I have another game animation lined up for the CREATE foundation).

Just out of curiosity, would the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus be interested in an animation for their yearly games? I bill myself out at $8/hr but since this is FIRST / VEX related I’d be willing to give a discount.

See my website for details: http://Polynomic3D.com/
Here is a sample of my work: [https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3561&c=11

Game looks great,
Cody Smith
Polynomic 3D](https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3561&c=11)


Could you do me a favor and point me to those converter cords?

This page, scroll down to Motor Controller.

Woot! Thanks!

Registration is now open!!


SIGN UP! SIGN UP! SIGN UP! Winner and Finalist gets awards!!

Coming close to competition time! Whos going to join?

Anyone want to play?

I don’t know how many users of this forum are from the Rochester area. There might be better ways for you to do (targeted) marketing than this global forum.



Looks like we have 12 teams signed up already, anyone else want to come and have a chance at winning?