Raised fields at US Open?

Does anyone know if there will be raised fields at US Open? Oklahoma state championship had them without warning anyone, so our whole team would like to know about US Open so we can adequately prepare if there is. (ESP since we have a 6th grade team going) Thanks

I don’t know about raised fields at US Open, but you can simulate it with a floor-level (i.e. unraised) field by having your team members sit down cross-legged. That’ll put your eyes approximately where they would be relative to the field if the field was raised. Of course there may be problems practicing driver loads, but unless you have enough equipment and parts laying around to build a support for elevated fields, this way is better than nothing.

The use of elevated playing fields is authorized by the game manual (look on page 25) and is at the tournament organizers’ discretion. VEX Worlds will absolutely have elevated fields (at 24" high).

We are currently doing just that, we just wanted them to be “mentally prepared” so to speak And also, after just competing on a raised field, it may be weird to go back to a floor field, who knows

I do not believe that the fields will be raised at the US Open. I will post a correction if I find out otherwise.

I know that last year they were not raised, but that could change for this year.

They have not been raised for the past several years. I doubt they will be this year.

For taller people, such as myself, kneeling down makes up the 24" distance more closely.