Raised Fields

In a lot of local competitions, teams are making a habit of match loading while their lifts are fully extended to save time and directly score their match loads. At Worlds, the fields will be raised 30 inches above ground and lifts 30 more inches. I am afraid this technique maybe out of reach (literally) for many teams, especially middle school teams. Having to match load differently could put teams at a disadvantage, especially for quick interaction zone autonomous plays that race to score in the middle 30 inch goal or the time squeezed last thirty seconds when you want to deliver the power barrels as fast as possible. Lifting a gate will also be much more challenging considering the loss of torque experienced when it has to be raised starting from waist or so height instead of what teams are used to. Is their anyway you can suggest these problems be solved? I am aware that standing on something extra is illegal, so having ruled that out I don’t see any solutions.


I think you have raised two great points. However, I do not think there is any reason to be concerned. There have been several tournaments, including the Disney All-Star Challenge, where the fields were raised and play was not affected. You can watch the matches from the Disney All-Star Challenge on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irFymCecm0c. While watching the videos, you will notice that teams did not experience any troubles with match loads or raising the gates.

OK, I checked out your video and I think it will be doable. I only play on raised fields once a year, and I think I may have exaggerated. I guess I have a lot of practicing on my knees ahead of me!