Ramp bot?

There can be 2 bots in the center platform and I wonder if anyone has seen any ideas or have their own opinion about this approach. I believe it is hard to be consistent but it could be a game changer for bots that choose not to focus on both game objects.

It is possible, but highly unlikely. This picture is the closest I’ve seen. Sorry for the blurriness. It wouldn’t be logical to build something just for this. it would be easier to build an arm that could flip caps and robots.

Thanks, and yea it would be.

just make a really tiny bot

Probably best way

Making a really tiny bot does not ensure that the other team you’re allianced with has a small enough bot capable of climbing to make the difference. I think 18691B from RoboJoe tried that idea with their bot (small 4 wheel drive with a flipper on top) but it was not very effective during the majority of the match compared to other cap bots, and it was still unable to park alongside most other bots.

I built a hook to literally drag other robots with me up the platforms. I have never actually attached it due to space and time constraints, but it works in theory. There are dangers involved, such as both of us tipping off the side, but it may be worth a try if someone wants to give it a shot.

That’s a good idea, if you both are hanging it’s legal. I would worry that you could be pushed from the side easier, however.

It would actually make it harder to push from the side. It’s less hanging and more shifting our center of gravity to extend the usable section of the platform. Depending on wheel configurations, you could have up to 6-8 wheels on the platform, and more weight, thus increasing the coefficient of friction.

I actually lied. I tested it once. Only once. WIth my robot and a small robot I built in a few minutes. It wasn’t a real test, but I did try it once. Worked pretty well, I guess.

that’s pretty cool, do you have a picture of the device? How compatible with other bots do you think it is in your region?

I gave it to a sister team to test an idea. I’ll see if they still have it tomorrow. It kind of requires a point to latch on to, and I’d probably have to ask my teammates to strap on another bracket so the point pressure wouldn’t bend anything. I’ll see if I can get a picture of it. If not, it’s not that hard to build.


is it a horizontal or vertical hook? At least in my region most bots have vertical bars to hit the flags, so a horizontal device might work with more bots.

It’s a vertical hook because I was thinking that robots might have a stronger place to grab up high, rather than taking a chance around their wheels.

Well, my sister team ended up taking it apart. It was just a 2-by C-channel with 3 45° gussets on each side making up the actual hook. For stability, I ran long screws through both sides and up those thick white spacers on the inside. It looked pretty solid. I would trust it to hang 2-3 both on in Staratruck. Maybe more.

Thanks for the specs. I’m thinking about an intake bar to increase the reliability and capability of my auto code.

Intake bar with that type of design? I’m not sure I understand why a Simple C-Channel wouldn’t be better.

The team on the right, I think 7400 B, is violating the expansion zone.

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