Ramp Connectors come loose from ramp

The Corner Connectors on our ramp keep coming loose from the ramp. We tried snapping the round spacers on the pin ends inside the ramp, but they aren’t strong enough, so even a tiny bit of pressure pulls the Corner Connectors loose from the ramp. When trying to snap the ramp onto the field, we have to push all eight connectors into the field at exactly the same time or some will pull loose from the ramp. Any slight movement of the field causes the ramp to flex and the connectors to come loose.

When the connectors pull loose, we have to remove the whole ramp from the field base in order to snap them back in since we can’t get a hand through the ball holes, and the back of the ramp is solid.

Is anyone else having this issue? I have considered gluing the connectors to the ramp. I’ve also thought about drilling tiny holes in each of the pins where they protrude inside the ramp, and inserting a wire/paperclip through the pin holes to keep them from pulling out of the ramp.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


I already crazy-glued together the pieces of our ramp and goal because they kept popping apart. Almost glued the connectors in while I was at it but held off because them popping out hadn’t been as much of a problem, but I’ll probably do that for good measure.