Ramp crumbles during match

In a recent tournament, the ramp fell apart during a match. What is the rule for scoring or match replay?

The following were noted at this tournament on field elements:

  1. Ramp connectors were not placed correctly. The black corner connectors that hold the ramp were placed at the end and middle in double configuration. Normally they are spread out using one every few inches.
  2. Ramp and Goal connector pins are nearly completely broken and or missing. Ramp pieces were loose due to missing black connectors.

The driver initially mentioned that connectors were not placed correctly. Also mentioned that ramp is too loose. The referee ignored and said that it was fine.

This was the final match. During the match at about close to 20 or so seconds left, one robot (small robot) emptied a few cut outs and climbed the ramp. The ramp fell apart. The timer continued so both teams continued. At the end the event sponsor concluded that the score stands using balls in scoring zone and goal. Cutouts

During lunch, our team noticed similar configuration on skills fields. The team fixed it and also placed some masking tape to hold the goal together as it was completely separating.

If the field elements are properly secured and placed as per the game manual before match, it is understandable if the goal is damaged due to force of the shooting balls or the ramp breaks due to weight of the robots.

We would like some clarification of the rule regarding damage to elements during match and scoring. Thank you.

Here’s what the manual says about replays.

Replayed are only conducted in extreme circumstances and are at the discretion of event officials. I would consider a ramp falling apart due to improper construction to be a valid reason for a replay.