Ramp length allowed to change in competition?

My team is thinking about having hot-swappable ramps for stacking cubes so we can change them out in a competition. Maybe we would want to use the 3 segment lift in matches since it is not as top-heavy and use the 4 segment lift in skills to stack more blocks. Right now, those two lifts are still being designed and built, and we currently have a 2 segment lift that I think will be best for skills because of the limitations of our robot. To explain, our team has a stack/tray bot without the conventional infeed lift to put cubes in the cups. The only way we can put cubes in cups is if we overload the ramp with cubes and have a cube fall off the lip of the ramp into the cup. Any advice?

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The relevant rule here is <R1>:

From your description, it sounds like you would be swapping out different "subsystem 3"s between matches, which is allowed. However, keep <R2a> and <R2b> in mind:

So, make sure each configuration is inspected before you use it in a match. The best way to do this while staying on the good side of your event staff is to have all configurations inspected in the morning, rather than needing to be suddenly re-inspected in the middle fo the day.


Thank you! I haven’t seen many other teams that have swappable subsystems.

Just make sure that both configurations can pass inspections.

We didn’t switched out the entire subsystem, but in SingVex, we just either leave the 3rd tier on the tray or we just detached it during certain matches.

It is allowed, but as what Holbrook says, just make sure both configurations have passed inspection.