Ramp with non-slip material

I have noticed many teams with ramps do not put the non-slip material all the way to the end of the ramp. On those bots many of the alliance teams will go to the ramp and cannot get up due to slippage. Does anyone have any idea why they would not add the stuff all the way to the end? I am just trying to figure out what the logic is.

They may not have gotten that far yet, or it may not fit, or they have had trouble with it staying on…

The ramp may not fold correctly with the extra layer of mat. It may have also come off as the previous use ripped the mat off. Any number of legit reasons.

Or the ramp was usable by their partner robot and they have not seen enough other robots to know the general usage. Maybe the partner needs to back up versus drive forward with the grippy wheels going on first? Omnis may not work but grippy ones do?

Or it is a face palm moment for them… Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah… lots of different scenarios. It was just painful to see such good lifts fail because of the lack of grip on the lower 1/4. I am seeing some really good stuff… But getting them on the ramp seems to be the hardest part.

Sometimes the nonstick material stops the robot from going up the ramp when the material gets tangled on the bottom of the lifted robot