RAMSETE Controller

Recently on the BLRS Wiki I read about something called a RAMSETE Controller, and I’m wondering if I should use that instead of pure pursuit.


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Ramsete should be better than pure pursuit. but before you go in that direction, you need to figure out how to generate trajectories.

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I’m thinking of using cubic hermite splines which I know how to draw.

RAMSETE is better than pure pursuit, but its also not the easiest thing to get working right

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To be clear, none of these (PID, Pure Pursuit, RAMSETE, etc.) are majik bullets that instantly make your robot super reliable. They require some tuning, which requires understanding of what the algo is doing based on whatever data it needs.


Also, before you dive into pure pursuit or RAMSETE, you need to first figure out how you’ll make the trajectory. Ryan and I from 4253B are planning to make a tutorial on this, but basically algorithms like these need a “path” to follow - you can’t just give them generic points and expect it to follow it in a beautiful path.


Do you mean splines and bezier curves?

well splines/bezier curves won’t generate trajectories by themselves. splines are literally just mathematical functions that represent a curve. on the other hand, trajectories tell the chassis exactly what velocity/acceleration it needs to be at per time step.