Random, but interesting request...

So here is a very random request… (If you are in college, please read this through!)

Currently, I am attempting to compete in the College competition… The loophole that allows this is that you can register directly for the World Championship without qualifying.

That being said, I have two ideas for two robots, that I believe would compliment each other perfectly, and with some driving skill and finesse, I believe would destroy all the college competition.

However, the current limitations are as follows: Time, money, drivers, parts and interested people.

Time can be fixed… A couple weeks is all you need to build robots. Money can be worked on, and you can skimp.

However, I am the only one (of college qualification requirements) who is interested in doing this in my local area… I would do both robots, and just bring along some extra person to drive, but it turns out I can’t build two robots due to parts…

THEREFORE: I would purpose that if there is a robotics alumni who would like to compete in the College competition, (You really only need just two people!) I will share my ideas, and possibly some funding in exchange for one of the robots being built by this aforementioned volunteer.

As a prospective member of this team, here is what I can offer:

  • Two robot designs, one of which is already being built, and another that is not very complex to build, both of which compliment each other
  • Competing at the World Championship, in a fledgling league that desperately needs more teams
  • An experience to work with some random person who is slightly crazy about robotics
  • And yes, I am willing to put up some more of my own money for a limited amount of purchases and/or part of the registration fee, if I am unable to raise sponsor support

What I would ask is this:

  • Build a robot, per the design I have, with whatever tweaks or improvements you see fit using parts you have or that you buy
  • Come to the World Championship, and compete with me, testing the boundaries of teamwork, and seeing whether two people can bring two robots together at a competition, and have them work together

If this is such an individual out there reading this, either comment or message me or something. We are running out of time, and all it takes is just one other person who is ready and willing! So please, if you are a college student, and want to continue robotics, let me know.


Joe, remember that college teams have to represent a college (or more than one close-together clump of colleges). There is no requirement that all the college students are registered with one college, though, so your plan might work.

I know a group here in the Puget Sound area that registered a VEX College Team and tried to get a team started this year, but it didn’t quite happen. They have parts for one robot, but not two. I’ll pass along your idea to them.

The college competition is stupid anyway. Just call it the Vex Pro competition and open it to the public. Throw a little cash prize in and drop half the rules and you might have a very appealing challenge.


If they have the parts for one, that’s perfect! I’d love the opportunity to work with some of the people from the West Coast for a change…

Thanks so much!

I will be at worlds and would love to help out if you are still looking for another person or if you need a drive coach to help as well. please PM me if you still need help otherwise I will stay with my High school team and help them out. I am a college student mentoring a hs team

What I am really looking for is some college students (or post-secondary students, as the manual calls them) who are willing to build one robot, and take care of it completely…

They would then join me at the World Championship and we would compete… I’ll bring the other one…

I need to know within the next few days if anyone is willing to do this! All I need is just one other person to build/drive it…

And yes, I am considering paying for the registration costs… I’ve been getting some sponsors lined up, so you might (and that’s a very big might) get some funding for parts!

But yeah, if anyone can come with a robot fully built and ready to join the one I am working on, let me know within like, two-three days. I’m going anyways, and I’d love to compete!