Random Cortex Freezing, IMEs?

Hello again all,
As some teams may know, we have been having problems with our cortex randomly freezing and it seems to be caused by our IMEs as it has been happening since we installed them and happens most frequently when they are constantly being addressed.

What happens is, without warning, the cortex will stop responding to any input and simply continue indefinitely what it was doing at the time of the lock-out. This happens completely at random, but seems to happen more frequently when the IMEs are used more heavily in the program.

I have heard of static simply causing the values to reset, but can it also cause the Cortex to stop responding completely? I believe we experienced the normal static issue briefly, then it started doing this. With worlds coming up, any help would be appreciated!


After a very kind intervention on part of drdanielfc, who referred me to this thread, I have determined that the IMEs are indeed causing our cortex to freeze with the motors running their last known setting.

Having only heard of ESD causing the IMEs to reset, I was wondering if the cortex freezing was a different problem. However, the ESD can indeed cause both as the I2C bus is connected directly to the microprocessor, unlike other sensors which explains why only IMEs have this problem. Although stated to be a rare issue, it constantly happens to us, suggesting an exposed wire or faulty connector somewhere on our robot.

TL;DR, we are removing all IMEs from our robot.