Random Documents I've made: Inventory Sheet, Beginner Guide, Short Term Agenda

Just some things I’ve made and decided to share now.
Inventory sheet.xlsx (11.7 KB)
Agenda-Short Term Plan.docx (7.48 KB)
Vex Robotics Beginner Guide Programming.docx (81.2 KB)
Vex Robotics Beginner Guide.docx (23.9 MB)

On the inventory sheet: why are there two columns of “quanity” and “quatermaster’s notes” for each thing
also what is a quatermaster

Well, the two columns allow for the sheet to be used twice. “Quatermaster” should be “Quartermaster”.

Awesome, thanks!

These are great! Suggestion: Also provide PDF version, not everyone has MS Office.


Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.
Inventory sheet - Sheet1.pdf (82.5 KB)
Agenda%2FShort Term Plan.pdf (37.9 KB)
Vex Robotics Beginner Guide.pdf (2.93 MB)
Vex Robotics Beginner Guide Programming.pdf (138 KB)

Nice, thanks.

You could probably also open the MS Office versions with a free office suite like LibreOffice, if you want to fill it out without printing it.