Random Freezing During Auton

We have an auton that attempt to push one cube back into a scoring zone, then place a cube on a middle tower. But, often our program will freeze and not move during the stage after it grabs the cube at the base of a tower. I will post code later as I am on mobile right now, any thoughts?

no thoughts until code is posted…

otherwise you will get comments like “it is raining outside”…

Ok, not really,. You do know without the code it is a futile thought process.


It happens when the robot cant complete the code, change the problematic line to a false function, and have it wait for the duration it is supposed to run, this keeps it from getting blocked up but allows it to complete it’s actions


If you are using VEX Code Text you can set a timeout of 1 second. It is not working because it can’t complete the code that you are running so if you have a timeout it will freeze for a second and then skip and continue. I hope this helps.