Random hanging auton vex code

when running auton around 60% of the time, the hole program will hang. Enabling driver control does not allow control after the auton hang. this can only be fixed in a match by restarting the program. there does not appeared to be any spumific function that is liked to this error.

listed attempts at troubleshooting
**‣**running from different comp switch and ethernet cable
**‣**switching controllers and radios
**‣**compiling and downloading from different computers macOS and windows 10

any other cases of this happening or possible solutions would be great to hear

First make sure that your firmware is updated. If that doesn’t solve it, check that you are using the competition template and you are properly setting up your driver control and auton functions.

this didn’t fix it but thank you we found a resolution by adding a 5 msec wait after every movement and a time out for dives and turns