Random Joystick Detection in PROS

I have had no such program but make sure you don’t have the motors set to move according to the ACCEL_X and ACCEL_Y values, those are the accelerometer. It took us roughly an hour and a half to figure it out and were about to switch back to robot c when we realized.

Now that is one of our “alternative drive modes” which can be activated through a series of button presses.

We have experienced this problem ourselves which was a primary reason behind the update to 2b08. Just to confirm are you using the latest version of PROS?

Also when the robot takes off uncontrollably is it executing the last command given to it? For example you were in a turn and it keeps turning.

It seems to be working again, double checked that I am indeed on 2b08 as per James’ instructions. I’ve currently been running on 40 minutes now without an issue. It just occurred after 47:30 minutes, I’m not concerned about that - I’d bet ROBOTC would have the same issue with the same cortex/joystick. Thanks all!

Also, I’m not entirely confident that the issue Silly Robot has is a result of PROS firmware… I had this issue with ROBOTC early last year, and fixed it by physically removing the IMEs we had and it could be a VexNet, battery, or a multitude of other issues. Point is, I wouldn’t start investigating any PROS firmware as a result of Silly Robot’s problem yet, Jabibi.

It’s pretty well understood what causes this to happen, I can make ROBOTC or EasyC do this with two or three lines of code. It could be (or have been) a PROS firmware bug, or it could be user code.

This can be fixed (the runaway robot part) with an update to the master firmware, perhaps that will be added to the new version coming in January.

Last update from me for this issue: never had an erroneous joystick button press detection at our competition today, thanks everyone who helped out!

Glad to hear it and thank you for pointing out this bug so that we could resolve it!