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If my school payed for the parts of my robot and my school gets money from the government dose that mean the government owns my robot ?

I mean, at any time if US goes to war the Constitution states that any law from the Bill of Rights or even the Constitution itself can be paused or revoked, which means that if we declare war on a country the Government can take away your freedom, liberty, and even property temporarily or permanently to ensure all of the US is involved and supports the war. Other than war, you don’t have to worry about the government taking anything as long as there’s no corruption, scamming, unconstitutional decisions, etc. from the school.

Your school owns the parts, the government owns the school, but you own the dreams and hopes that make the school and the government worth having in the first place.

There ya go.

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The government owns school, school owns robots, therefore, government owns robots and they are secretly spying on us for the CIA. But that’s just a theory, a VEX theory.



The real question is, what makes your robot so special that the government is so bent on owning it?



It has a camera on it